Get Ready to Fail With 3 Strategies to Ensure Failure is Your Best Asset for Career Development

By Jordan Willshear

Hello Reader

Welcome to Get ready to fail – an eBook designed to re-imagine the idea of failure. Thank you for taking the time to read the eBook and for subscribing.

All the exercises in the eBook have been tried, tested and amended with client feedback to truly gain the maximum results for you to implement. I made this eBook with a combination of the experiences I’ve had and the problems that were highlighted through client conversations. I made it because we live in an era where competition for careers is not only high but also public.

Other people’s successes and highs are spread across social media and can create a false idea that failure is weakness or something to be avoided.

The truth is that risks need to be taken, visibility is key, and actions that are true to your values are everything. I hope this eBook helps to provide a roadmap, allowing you to take one step closer to the person you want to be.

But it doesn’t end there…
The impact your own values embedded methodology can have for your career development is astronomical and all it takes is to align your values with the work you are doing.

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