Goal Getters: Navigating The Path To Career & Life Success

Hosted By Jordan Willshear

Goal Getters: Navigating the Path to Career & Life Success is a podcast designed to empower and inspire millennials, leaders, and professionals across generations to reach their full potential.

Whether you’re a young professional just starting out, a seasoned business leader, or a Gen Z member looking to make your mark in the world, The podcast’s mission is to provide actionable insights and expert guidance for navigating the ever-changing landscape of work, life, and leadership.

Join us on this journey to success and become a Goal Getter today!

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#2 Breaking Free From Career Confusion – The Journey To Finding Your Purpose

Hosted By Jordan Willshear

The episode discusses the issue of career confusion and indecision and its negative impact on personal and professional development. It offers practical and actionable advice to help individuals overcome this challenge by taking a multi-faceted approach that involves self-reflection, research and exploration, and taking calculated risks.

The long-term benefits of addressing career confusion and indecision are significant and can lead to a fulfilling career that aligns with one’s goals and aspirations. The episode also includes a story of a client’s struggles and a testimonial of their success after following the advice provided.

#1 Finding Your Way – Navigating Life With Clarity and Direction

Hosted By Jordan Willshear

In this first episode of the “Goal Getters” podcast, we dive into the importance of having a clear purpose and goals in life and career. We explore what it means to have a strong foundation of values, passions, and priorities, and how it can lead to greater happiness, fulfillment, and success.

Through the introduction story of Jordan Willshear (The Host), we see the negative consequences of not having a clear sense of direction, and the positive impact that finding your way can have on your life journey. With prompts and exercises, this episode is designed to help listeners reflect on their own values, passions, and goals, and start on the path to navigating their life with clarity and direction.

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